What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT is a simple and effective technique that helps to release negative emotions and return the body to a harmonious state. It can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues and relief can be swift, gentle, effective and profound, which can reduce the length of the therapy process substantially.

It is an easy to learn self-help method that involves using the fingertips to gently tap on the body’s acupuncture points, whilst also briefly recalling the problem and saying some words linked to it.

Energy (chi) flows along these meridian lines to ensure our energy system remains healthy and in balance and influences our emotional, psychological, physiological, physical and spiritual states. Sometimes upsetting experiences, or problems can result in a blockage/disruption and imbalance of the body’s energy, leaving us prone to illness, emotional disturbance or phobias.

EFT Tapping helps us tune in to our limiting beliefs, negative patterns, difficult emotions and upsetting memories, (without reliving them), bring them into our consciousness and facilitate rapid relief and deep, effective lasting change by releasing the underlying disturbances and restoring balance.

EFT can help to:​

  • Relieve stress & promote relaxation
  • Improve or even eliminate some types of physical discomfort or pain
  • Release and transform painful, uncomfortable emotions like; anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, frustration, etc.
  • Relieve phobias
  • Sleep problems
  • Relieve symptoms of PTSD
  • Panic Attacks
  • Address relationship problems
  • Addictions
  • Move us beyond self-limiting beliefs
  • Diminish cravings for food and addictive substances
  • And so much more …….

Scientific Evidence of EFT 
EFT Tapping is Supported by a Large and Growing Body of Scientific Research: EFT International has gathered all available EFT Tapping research into their online database. Click here to view by topic.

How long will a session take?
The first session is 90 minutes followed by 50 minute sessions.

How many sessions will I need?
The number of sessions varies with each individual, the average is between 2 to 6 . Sometimes issues are resolved in just one session.

Can EFT be done via Skype or the telephone? Yes, Skype or telephone sessions are available.

Can I practice EFT by myself?
YES! I will teach you how to use tapping on yourself and you can practice in between sessions. ​
Practicing EFT for yourself is a simple and effective way to quickly work on an issue. Once you know the basic technique, you can spend a short amount of time tapping any time that it is convenient.

EFT (Tapping) Introduction by Gary Craig, EFT Founder

The Discovery Statement

‘The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.’
Gary Craig - Founder of EFT


Emotional Freedom Technique

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The number of sessions varies with each individual, the average is between 2 to 6 . Sometimes issues are resolved in just one session. 

If notified with 48 hours notice a full refund will be given. Non attendance and appointments with less than 48 hours notice will be payable at the full rate.

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Where: Zoom or face-to-face session.
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