"Linda has helped me overcome problems I’ve held onto for so long that I didn’t feel I would ever learn to manage. She taught me EFT as I really struggled with hair picking and from that first session I never touched my hair, it was amazing! She is the best therapist I have ever worked with, and truly connected with. Working with Linda has helped me understand my mind/body connection and what my body is trying to tell me. She is wonderfully, compassionate, knowledgeable and hugely supportive. Thank you for changing my life."
"Therapy, for me, has never been an easy road. I have come to understand, and to heal. I have begun to look forward not back, But there have been hard moments, from things both uncovered and happening in life around me. Linda’s immense strength has been to keep nudging me forward through those times. She wants clients - at least I always felt - to work their way to a better place. She’s patient, yes. But I always knew there was purpose. And I’ve been grateful for it."
"Linda came very highly recommended to me as a mindfulness therapist, but living so far away, I was concerned that we would only be able to meet in person every few weeks. Most of the sessions would have to be done through Skype. Would communication be difficult or awkward? I decided to give it a go. We had our first session in the ‘flesh’ and then have Skyped for the following few weeks. It works really well. We often ease into the session with some ‘grounding’ exercises and then after a few minutes, I forget that we are not in the same room, as I am so focused on what we are doing. It is really worth trying."
"Linda came highly recommended to me – I currently live in Sweden and felt I needed a therapist from my home country. Linda is lovely and has given me exactly what I needed at a tough time in my life. Linda is a very understanding therapist, takes the time to listen and intuitively finds her way to the root cause of my issues. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of coping strategies and information that has helped me right from my very first session with her. The fact that our sessions are on Skype has not been negative in any way, in fact I like that I can be in the comfort of my own home."
“Linda has great human intelligence and is flexible with her approach to counselling, offering not just the regular talk therapy but energy work too. My experience with Linda as a client is second to none. I now live a very wholesome life and I am incredibly grateful for the healing and life skills she has shown me.”
“Linda has shown me great compassion and empathy and also given me the confidence and ability to look after myself emotionally. It is no exaggeration to say that undergoing counselling with Linda has changed not only my life for the better, but has considerably improved my relationship with my family …..I cannot thank or recommend her enough.”
"This was my first experience of therapy. I was distressed and desperate. Linda helped me feel at ease so quickly, to know that this was someone who was alongside and would walk with me through the times ahead. I have been able to share stuff with someone else for the first time."
"Linda is blessed with intuition. She always listens - it’s never about her - and watches. She often waits and allows space. But above all, she seems able to sense and judge, in the moment, what to ask or say. It’s a rare skill and I have come to appreciate it, and trust Linda more as a result, as the months have gone by."
"I have worked with Linda on and off for over three years. She has been instrumental in supporting me on a windy road from depression and anxiety. Without her, I know I would not have made the progress I have."

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